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Original Penguin Mixed Media Fleece Golf Hoodie Vest Review

Jul 20, 2023

ByJonathan Taylor

Looking to update your layering system? Jonathan Taylor has put the Original Penguin Mixed Media Fleece Golf Hoodie Vest to the test

Original Penguin has the reputation of being one of the more fashionable brands in golf. Cameron Smith is a brand ambassador, and the hoodie seems a more frequent staple in his wardrobe. Here we review the Original Penguin Mixed Media Fleece Golf Hoodie Vest.

This is an on-trend hoodie vest which will have you standing out from the crowd and offering a warm layer.



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I should preface this review by stating that this funky-looking hoodie vest had originally been allocated to a much younger colleague in the review team. But I was excited to have the opportunity to review not only my first Original Penguin garment but also my first hoodie. Now I’m a big fan of the gilet/vest type of gear due to the combination of warmth without restricting my swing, so this was right up my street.

At first look, there was a lot going on. This garment looked and felt to be well constructed. It’s 100% polyester but has a knitted lower panel and a contrasting woven upper panel (which feels like a soft-shell) for added visual interest. All the interior has a soft fleecy finish, apart from the hood which we’ll come to later. I tested the black iris navy version, which has contrasting lime accents. This is one of just two colour options on offer from Original Penguin, and is the more interesting of the two.

The hood is made from the same woven fabric as the upper panels, with lime green lining, and penguin branding around the edge. There are a couple of hood ties which look like they might get in the way during play.

There’s a rubberised Penguin logo over the upper left chest. The vest is of full zip construction with a ribbed hem. There are a couple of pretty roomy pockets with zip closure. The overall appearance is of a well made, striking and warm piece of kit.

I tested the Original Penguin hoodie vest over a number of rounds of golf, generally in cool and windy conditions. I’m about 173 cm tall and weigh 74 kg with an average (ie non-athletic) shape. The medium size fitted just right. and was enhanced by the ribbed hem, which ensured that the vest had a fitted look. The garment felt extremely cosy, and, as is usually the case with vests, there was no restriction of movement when swinging.

The garment seemed to work best over a polo shirt (as seen in the pictures). I’ve not yet had cause to need another layer but I reckon a lightweight midlayer would fit beneath the hoodie vest if required. However things worked a little less well if the heavens opened and I needed to put on a rain jacket over the top. The hood rather got in the way and so, overall, I didn’t feel it was a particularly useful layering piece.

As far as the hood was concerned, that was also a bit of a mixed bag. If I had the hood up, it was actually very comfortable, cosy and surprisingly unobtrusive. But with the hood down, I kept getting a rather disconcerting glimpse of the hood liner (in lime green) at the top of my backswing. I do wonder whether the hoodie vest might work as a useful training aid, encouraging me to slow down my backswing (to a blur).

The full-length zip was of high quality and was comfortable if zipped all the way up, although it lacked a soft chin guard. Similarly, there was no swing interference if it was partly open.

The two zippered front pockets were a decent size and therefore useful. In some similar garments, the front can sag forward a bit, which is particularly noticeable when putting or chipping. There was none of that with the hoodie vest, whether or not the pockets were open or closed.

I do like a decent vest and already have a few in the wardrobe. This particular model will not be claiming a spot in my collection. For me, it is not as practical as other similar apparel, and I couldn’t get used to the hood. I also feel that a short-sleeved hoodie is a somewhat curious idea.

On the other hand, it is well constructed and a pretty ‘stand out’ bit of gear which will perhaps appeal to a slightly younger demographic than your writer. I can also see it being a popular choice off the golf course for a range of outdoor activities. And for such an individual item from a premium brand, I think it represents good value for money.

Fit: True to Size/Small/LargeOut of Box Comfort: 9/10Value for Money: 9/10Sizes: UK S-XXLColour options: Navy/lime green, Black/blue.

Available: NowRRP: £80More info: Original Penguin website

Jonathan also known as JT, is one of the biggest golf nuts on the NCG team.He has quickly become a go-to for expertise on golf shoes and technical apparel. In fact he may have a different pair of shoes and a new waterproof jacket for every club medal he plays in.He previously worked as a GP, which means he likes to get into the details of things, such as weighing golf shoes with his kitchen scales.Jonathan is a member at Alwoodley Golf Club and regularly gets out on the golf course to maintain his handicap of five.

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