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15 Best Jeans for Men 2023, Tested and Reviewed by Style Experts

Aug 31, 2023

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Find your perfect pair.

FINDING THE right pair of jeans is no easy task. In fact, stylists like Melina Kemph have even encountered men who “didn’t get his first pair of jeans until he was 20 years old.” But we're here to change that: we spoke with a panel of 20+ menswear experts, including stylists, designers, retailers, as well as hands-on tested over 50 options to curate the 15 best jeans for men—plus a guide on what to look for in the best men’s jeans, from fits to fabric to styles.

Today, the best jeans for men are as comfortable as they are stylish. As such, the best men’s jeans will be made with stretch without sacrificing the classic look and feel. Additionally, the best jeans for men should be versatile and come in fits that complement your body type. Read on for our tested and expert-recommended picks of the best jeans for men.

Every guy should own a pair of Levi's. And if you're deciding on what version of Levi's to get, you should start with the 511. They're perfectly cut in a classic slim fit that retains a modern silhouette and flatters most body types, and feature upgrades like more stitches per inch (added durability), a durable and soft fabric, and an advanced stretch that ensures mobility. “You can't get more classic. This jean never goes out of style and for the price, you can't beat them,” says personal stylist for men Patrick Kenger. “It’s a great starting point for most guys and they offer a wide variety of colors. They've been around so long for a reason.”

Fit-wise, this washed denim, according to Isaac Robertson, a CISSN and ISSA-certified fitness professional, has "slim legs that allow your calves and ankles to breathe, sitting just below the waist." "The Levi's 511s are a great pair of slim straight jeans for the money; they are well-made, and the stitching feels strong," Robertson adds. Overall, our testers and experts found that Levi's 511 not only contours impeccably to a man's frame but its advanced stretch material makes it perfect for the modern man on the move.

Just as you'd expect from Bonobos, the brand offers one of the most comfortable jeans on the market, available in every wash you could imagine, with fits that range from tailored to straight. Its Premium 4-Way Stretch Jeans are a favorite amongst athletes and active guys who refuse to be tamed by heavy denim fabric. These are jeans for men who want more comfort and flexibility. They have a stretchy material that adapts to your movements, a signature curved waistband that prevents gaping, and a range of fits and sizes to accommodate different preferences.

Tyler Sellers, a fitness coach and professional athlete, is stoked by Bonobos' versatile offerings. "They produce high-quality clothing in more sizes than most other manufacturers. The company's Premium Stretch Denim Jeans come in significantly more sizes than any other brand of jeans, with waist sizes ranging from 28 to 54 and lengths ranging from 28 to 36," says Sellers. "Bonus points go to Bonobos for offering well-explained product selections. Bonobos offers all cuts, sizes, and materials on a single product page so you can quickly choose whatever you believe will work best for you."

What Do Other Experts Say? "Bonobos has some of my favorite pair of jeans as they are both comfortable and durable. They come in a variety of different sizes (more than I have ever seen), which makes finding the right pair that much easier," says lifestyle influencer Steven Fingar.

Ever thought of going for a light jog in jeans? That seems implausible, but not impossible with Everlane's performance jeans which are a favorite among stylists and celebrities like Glen Powell. "I love these Everlane jeans because they're authentic denim with a touch of stretch. And they're made from organic cotton—any time I can put my clients in sustainably-minded brands I will," says celebrity stylist Warren Alfie Baker. "My client Glen [Powell] recently wore these Everlane jeans for his press tour and they're his new favorites.”

After testing these jeans in errand running, commuting, and traveling, we found that they have the perfect fit and four-way stretch for active guys, while the classic denim looks the part for an easy, versatile everyday styling (we especially love how the shiny buttons make the look very elevated). If you're looking to fit thicker thighs, we found that these Everyone jeans also have the right amount of room to do so too. Lastly, the brand takes denim very seriously. In fact, the brand wash-tested their jeans 50 times to ensure their durability, stretch recovery, and lasting indigo color for a 365-day guarantee.

Lee isn’t just any denim brand—for some folks, it’s the denim brand. Take style influencer Jonas Maier, for instance: “When I think of I Lee, I am associating it with quality and stylish denim pieces… Unlike many other brands they fit, don't shrink, and hold their color very well.” And this specific style has earned the co-sign of top celebrity stylists like Evan Simonitsch. “The fit gives enough room to feel comfortable without looking baggie. They sit at the waist in a nice way where I can tuck shirts in and not worry about them sagging. My cowboy boots also fit underneath which is rare with jeans nowadays,” says Simonitsch.

That all owes to the jeans' best-of-both-worlds fit: a casual regular up with a leg that narrows towards the ankle, making the whole ensemble look relaxed yet sharp and clean at once. The slight stretch blend of spandex also gives you mobility without taking away what makes denim, well, denim. The best part: it costs less than $50! With a versatile vibe and an affordable price, it definitely won't disappoint, especially as your everyday pair of jeans. "With the people I've put in these jeans, I’ve got nothing but positive feedback," affirms Simonitsch.

Buck Mason, the underrated denim brand, makes jeans that are "strong, classic, and reliable," according to celebrity fashion stylist Jake Sokoloff. "The fit and fabric strike a perfect balance between stretch and durability, offering a timeless silhouette that will always be in style. Good thing, because their jeans stand the test of time and will last you a lifetime," adds Sokoloff.

After testing different denim options from Buck Mason, the Ford Standard Jean came out on top. It has the ruggedness sans the tedious break-in period. Better yet, it is super versatile and a bang for your buck. "These jeans hit all the marks—straight but not skinny, a great basic everyday wash, and just enough stretch," says expert stylist Alyssa Dineen. The added stretch plus a fit that’s straight through the thighs and only slightly tapered below the knee also makes these jeans very travel-friendly. "They are jeans you can wear with a button down and blazer or with a sweatshirt. And it’s a great mid-price range option, comparable to other denim that’s now priced well over $200,” adds Dineen.

Outerknown has never been one for outlandish designs or otherworldly colors, but when they do innovative, it comes in the form of soft fabrics, cozy textures, and flattering silhouettes. That's why its slim-fit jeans stand out amongst the millions of other dimes and a half. The Ambassador jeans have an unmatched fit (not too tight and not too loose) that doesn't wear you down and flatters most body types, a durable and soft fabric, and enough stretch to move you along. They have a slim fit that flatters most body

We also found the style of the Ambassador jeans incredibly versatile. "The fit of the Ambassador Jeans is flattering on a wide range of body types," says men's style specialist Jenny Ricker. "The organic denim is rigid enough to give the appearance of stiffer denim, while still providing comfort while wearing them." No wonder the Ambassador has become a "true client favorite." Crafted with organic cotton, it's not just a style statement but also a nod to sustainability. And since Outerknown always upholds the "highest standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility," according to Ricker, this denim option will really make you look good and feel good.

There’s no shortage of companies elbowing into the "denim hybrid pants" space right now, but TravisMathew continues to distinguish itself with the fits, materials, and construction that make you want to wear them every day. Its Legacy jeans practically feel and look like chinos, and are thus suitable for all lifestyles.

Crafted with complete comfort in mind, these jeans have a denim fabric that delivers a lightweight feel with subtle stretch and total recovery. It’s light and easy on the fit, doesn't smother your thighs but instead has enough breathability and space to let you move like a jagger, and even recover after hardcore activities. Style-wise, the Legacy jeans are casual and comfortable, but stylish enough to wear to work and at the office; they’re also perfect for a night out on the town or more active settings like running errands.

What Do Experts Say? "People who know me know that style is important to me. Even when I’m dressing for casual occasions like travel or team outings, I still want to look good and that’s why the Legacy Jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. Beyond meeting my style standards, TravisMathew’s Legacy Jeans are definitely the most comfortable pair of jeans that I own with their lightweight feel and stretch fabric," says Jimmy Garoppolo, football quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders.

For guys with big thighs, go for an athletic fit: relaxed above the knee with more room at the thigh and hip areas to do justice to your thick quads; below the knee, they sport a tapered leg to lend a tailored fit. These Madewell athletic fit jeans are our editor’s tried-and-true favorite: they feel incredibly soft, have more room in the seat and thigh areas for beefy quads but look tapered from the knees down, and move like joggers when worn on the go but still look tailored and elevated; they’re also built with moisture-wicking temperature-regulating tech to keep your legs dry.

Overall, Madewell developed their COOLMAX denim blend to be far more breathable, flexible, and comfortable than regular 100% cotton denim. Courtesy of this moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating tech, I was even able to sport them to travel recently—from the airplane to the London tube—and they managed to keep my legs feeling air-conditioned. All of these performance properties make Madewell’s athletic-fit jeans the ideal travel pants. You get the look and function of a good pair of jeans that feel as comfortable as track pants.

What Do Experts Say? "These are a great everyday pair of jeans as it gives a rigid, structured appearance along with stretchy comfort," says lifestyle influencer Steven Fingar.

Thought you'd left Abercrombie behind in high school, huh? Think again. Their jeans defy the confines of age, particularly because of their diverse amount of different fits, colors, and styles. These workwear-style relaxed-fit (wide and loose through the hip and thigh) jeans are for athletic builds—big thighs are welcome and encouraged. They look like work pants in their wide silhouette and carpenter-style details (such as a supply pocket, hammer loop, wider belt loops, etc.) but feel much sturdier once you put them on. As such, it's a favorite among fashion stylists like Kemph for casual styling. "I love how relaxed the fit is and the looseness through the hip and thigh. I can see one of my clients wearing the medium wash with a bright blue hoodie + hot pink beanie, and oversized puffer jacket heading to work at the Little Ceasar Arena,” she says.

Courtesy of their loose, relaxed fit, these jeans are a favorite amongst our testers to wear around the house as they are so comfortable, but also add a different take on traditional jeans to wear around town on a weekend.

Paige has invented the best fit in jeans: a slim-straight fit with slight ease and more room at the hip, loosely fitted through the thigh, and straight from the knee down that looks flattering on all kinds of body types and feels incredibly comfortable because it gives you just enough room throughout the leg without looking sloppy. The brand names this fit the Federal, and makes the jeans in stretch denim that will retain its shape wear after wear while ensuring the fabric moves with your legs.

Overall, the Federal jeans have a perfect fit that is not too tight or too loose, a premium washed denim that is soft and sturdy, and a minimalist design that exudes sophistication Just like personal wardrobe stylist Grace Thomas says of the Federal: “These are great for men thicker in the thighs and backside, as this denim has the perfect amount of stretch.”

What Do Experts Say? “For the man looking for a fit on the slimmer slide, these Paige jeans are for you. I also love that they have a true black option in this style, which can be hard to find… Keep in mind, these run long with a 33.5" inseam, so these are fabulous for those on the average to tall side,” says Thomas.

When it comes to picking out the best type of denim, Japanese Selvedge is the boss move. The material is the consensus crème de la crème of denim thanks to its high durability and ability to age gracefully. And Todd Snyder is arguably the numero uno in the making of selvedge, which is "the white edge of fabric that you’ll notice on the sides when you cuff the pants," explains stylist Kemph.

Influencer Steve Gonzalez also says of the brand: "Todd Snyder has really nailed the denim space, in style, fit, and comfort. They are high quality, the construction is terrific, and they use amazing fabrics and thread counts. At their price point, Todd Snyder is the ultimate destination brand for denim." And while Japanese Selvedge is normally on the heavier side, Todd Snyder makes a great pair of Japanese Selvedge that's a tad lighter and more breathable—making the jean perfect for year-round wear. Better yet, during our testing, we found that the selvedge denim not only lasted quite well but also adapted uniquely to the wearer’s body with each wear, creating a personalized fit over time.

“These jeans are perfect for the man looking for a simple straight fit as a way to explore more sophisticated denim,” says Thomas. According to her, this denim by Mavi has a premium feel but at an affordable price, and their fit is actually perfect for an oval-shaped man with a little extra around the waistline. “Another reason to love these jeans? It comes in inseams between 30-36" making these popular for men of all heights,” adds Thomas.

In our testing, we also found that this straight-leg silhouette is universally flattering on a range of body types. Better yet, because of the straight fit of these Mavi jeans (enough room through the hip, thigh, and leg opening), this denim style is ideal for men with a more muscular build too. And combined with the denim type which has an extra stretch of the elastane in the fabric, these straight-leg flex jeans really allow for comfortable mobility, making them perfect for the modern athletic man on the move.

AG Jeans is a denim brand for guys who don’t splurge a little. “Designed in LA with some good sustainable manufacturing practices, their denim is comfortable and can be easily found in most department stores such as Nordstrom,” says Kenger. Its Tellis jeans stand out for its premium quality, attention to detail, and a flattering fit. “Their Tellis fit works great for most of my clients wanting a slim, but not too slim fit,” says Kenger. The blend of high-quality materials ensures both comfort and durability, while the modern slim fit is flattering without being overly restrictive.

While the fabric is not built with stretch, we found that it is easy to break in and does offer flexibility. The slim fit also feels great: full enough in the seat and thigh with a sharp taper from knee to hem. Our testing also shows that the Tellis in fact works with most body types courtesy of their tailored shape and tailored leg.

It’s all about stretch these days in jeans, and Frame’s jeans offer maximum softness and just the right amount of stretch so they still wear like jeans, just much more comfortable than your beaten-up ones. Boasting a vintage wash with a fading that even looks expensive, we also found that the slim profile (cut with just enough room at the seat and thigh) with a tailored leg can elevate any outfit.

We also love that this denim style remixes the retro denim look of the ‘90s to be more breathable, softer, and less prone to wrinkles when worn but still looks supple and firm. If you want to look good and feel good, Frame’s jeans not only offer all-day comfort, but they also let you spring back into an active lifestyle in denim. It's a pair of denim that'll stand the test of time, with a cut and performance that you will feel comfortable and confident in to take you through that extra mile.

What Do Experts Say? “The 5-pocket pant has become a pretty popular item in the past couple of years, especially as we are navigating more casual work environments. While not technically made of denim, they update the typical jean shape with another fabric—and they're a great go-to,” says Bloomingdale's Men's Fashion Director, Justin Berkowitz.

These are not your usual, casual "Friday night out" jeans. These are raw workhorse denim handmade by jeans smiths from vintage sewing machines in North Carolina. "Whether you’re a denim aficionado or novice, Raleigh Workshop is where you’ll find your new favorite jeans," says Kemph. "American-made and designed with luxury craftsmanship, the brand literally doesn’t cut corners."

With a specific fade and a lived-in look at first wear, this particular style of Raleigh's workwear-ish jeans maintains an air of put-together formality sans looking or feeling at all stuffy, making the whole fit loosened throughout and mobility-friendly. With added stretch for easy on-the-go wear from the start and a relaxed fit throughout the waist, seat, and thigh, these jeans will feel as comfortable as your sweatpants. While they do have a retro flair of being your dad's '90s wardrobe denim, we love their versatility of being dressed down with some sneakers or up with some boots.

What Do Experts Say? "What makes their denim special are the details like the signature selvage back belt loop, and the impossible to mass produce pockets. Their denim is designed to intentionally get better with age and is perfectly exampled by their original denim which turns into that buttery shade of vintage blue as the starch and indigo wear away and the jeans become an expression of you," says Kemph.


Brent Whaley, a men's fashion photographer, highlights the need for knowing what's the right fit for you. "For me, it's all about fit. If I don't feel right in a pair of jeans I end up not wearing them and they just sit in my closet. A lot of guys buy jeans too tight and never wear them because they're uncomfortable," he says. Mary Pierson, the SVP of Denim Design at Madewell, also agrees that finding jeans that fit well and comfortably is of paramount importance. "I always recommend making sure your jeans are comfortable around your waist and lower hips," notes Pierson. Maier also notes that when making a purchase of jeans, fit should take precedence before colors or washes since the right fit will help you to look your personal best.

The fit and cut of the jeans should match your body shape and personal style. There are different types of fits, such as slim, straight, skinny, tapered, relaxed, etc., which we'll break down more below. The general rule is to choose a fit that is not too baggy or too tight, and that follows the natural shape of your legs.


The right type of denim fabrication can make or break your style and comfort in jeans, so the best jeans for men need to be durable. Look for jeans that are made of cotton or cotton-blend fabrics. Avoid jeans that are too thin or too synthetic, as they may rip or sag easily.

"Taking note of the denim quality, the reinforcements, and the construction are the best signals to look out for and keep the brand name out of your mind," says Nick Kemp, the Head Designer at Taylor Stitch, on the denim mindset you ought to have. Simonitsch also echoes the same emphasis on the durability of jeans. “When I'm out and about I’m hopping in my truck countless times and don’t want to be restricted getting up and down. Along with bending over or getting on my knees during a fitting or shoot to tie my dude's shoes, I can’t have tight denim on or light denim cause they’ll rip easily. So durability and longevity with denim," says Simonitsch. Heavyweight denim, for instance, usually lasts longer.


Nowadays, in a world where denim is more active and outgoing than ever, a little stretch from a few percentages of elastane, spandex, or lycra is also recommended. When blended with denim fabric, these materials will come together to offer superior comfort and flexibility without sacrificing the classic denim look and feel. Baker, whose clientele includes Andrew Garfield, Glen Powell, Patrick Dempsey, etc. says: "Jeans should be easy and comfortable, but still with some stretch and hold... It's always good to look for a little stretch if you're looking for comfort." Comfort thus also matters. "To look good in your jeans, you have to feel good in them first," says Pierson. "Denim with stretch can be fitted closer to the body, but denim with no stretch should not be too tight."


While your waist size is usually easily measured, the jeans' inseam length deserves extra attention when it comes to the right denim style. "I take all of my client's jeans to a tailor to make sure the inseam is correct," says Kemph. Thomas also recommends purchasing the right length of jeans as the key to styling. "Make sure your jeans fall right before your shoes to avoid the look of extra fabric at the bottom," she says.


"Pay attention to the wash and color of the denim. I tend to love a vintage-style wash or a classic indigo that you can dress up or dress down," recommends Baker. "Your jeans should look gently worn in like you've been wearing them for a few years, not like you've been in a sandstorm." You should also pay attention to the rawness of denim which describes "how the denim is washed or rather, not washed. I.e., you won’t see any whiskering, fading, or distressing," explains Kemph.

In addition, find a wash that suits you. The wash of the jeans refers to the color and treatment of the denim. There are different types of washes, such as raw, rinsed, faded, whiskered, etc. The wash can affect the appearance and feel of the jeans, as well as how they age over time. Darker washes are more formal and versatile, while lighter washes are more casual and trendy.


"Ask yourself if that pair of jeans you're looking at works with everything in your closet. Casual outfits, dressier outfits, etc," says style influencer Brian Chan. "If you were to only wear this one pair of jeans for the rest of your days, will it actually last through the rest of your days?" Hence, do test the quality & the construction of jeans before purchasing, because the best jeans will serve multiple occasions. They should transition seamlessly from a casual day out to a semi-formal evening.

The rule of thumb for finding the best fit in jeans for men, according to Matthew McConaughey's stylist Tara Swennen, is that "men’s jeans should fit perfectly right below the waist, have enough ease to sit comfortably, and hug all of the right curves." Below is a breakdown of the main fits for jeans to guide you through.

Classic/Straight: This everyman's jean is just snug enough to show off your sculpted lower half, but not so much that you'll look like a beanpole since it offers enough room through the seat, thigh, and leg. Taller guys should pick straight-leg cuts in a medium rise to maintain proper proportions. Meanwhile, most thinner guys should go with a straight-leg, low-rise fit to ensure that the style sits comfortably on your hips and leaves a few extra inches of legroom.

Relaxed: These laid-back slacks are cut fuller from the thigh to the hem, allowing ample legroom for maximum comfort. A popular '90s trend, this cut is back in style and is especially flattering for taller and stockier guys. After all, relaxed-fit jeans cut bigger guys some slack, creating interior real estate so legs can flex and move.

Slim: Usually tapered below the knee, slim fit closely follows the contours of the body without being overly tight. In jeans, a slim fit is a tailored cut that offers a more fitted appearance through the thighs, knees, and calves. This style provides a modern and streamlined silhouette, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-fitting yet comfortable option.

Athletic: For men with muscular thighs, athletic-fit jeans are designed to accommodate your strapping quads while still accentuating your calves—without forcing you to cut back on leg days. Loose and relaxed above the knee, athletic-fit jeans offer more room at the thigh and hip areas to do justice to your thick quads; below the knee, they can sport a straight or even tapered leg to lend a more tailored fit.

Additionally, Stitch Fix stylist Amberly Reese says that when helping her clients find their perfect jeans, she always considers their body type first to find the best fit. "For men with a slim build, I recommend they avoid too-long styles that will overpower their frame. Instead, opt for a tailored pair with just enough length for a half or full break," she says. But for a man with a husker build, she recommends against a fit that is too loose or baggy since it'll give the illusion that you’re actually bigger than you are. "Instead, reach for a classic fit in an updated, sleek cut to balance you out," says Reese.

"As the most versatile article of clothing a man can own, jeans have the ability to traverse many different types of formality," says personal stylist Turner Allen. "Given that denim originates from workwear, it inherently embodies a casual nature. That's why I suggest throwing in some contrast, like rocking penny loafers with laid-back tailoring," he says.

For a more laid-back look, Penger suggests pairing jeans with a well-fitted tee and canvas or leather sneakers. But when aiming for a smarter appearance, he recommends combining dark wash jeans with a crisp button-down shirt or sweater with a pair of boots.

On the other hand, for a business casual look, throw on a pair of suede loafers with dark denim, an oxford button down, and timeless accessories, says Thomas. "Take those same jeans and style your denim with a pair of low-top sneakers like common projects white sneakers, or a heavyweight crewneck sweatshirt and you've got a great weekend look for fall," she adds.

"When it comes to jeans, anything other than super-skinny or '90s jumbo or too ripped-up is fair game right now, says Michael Bastian, the Creative Director and designer behind Brooks Brothers. "My personal denim go-to at the moment is classic straight-leg indigo Japanese Selvedge denim (15 or 16 oz, 100% cotton) with a couple of washes. These always feel timeless and worth the investment." Pierson echoes the same takeaway in men's jeans trend: "We’re seeing men gravitate towards straight leg and relaxed silhouettes that have a looser fit." As for the fabric, she adds: "Mid-to-light washes with a lot of yarn character or surface texture are also popular–as well as clean, dark washes and various shades of black."

To find the best jeans for men, our editors and writers have personally tried on 50 options since 2021 and tested each of them for at least two weeks and at least six hours per day, such as attending casual weekend hang-outs in Levi’s 511 and Lee’s jeans, or commuting in the city and traveling during vacations in Everlane’s and Bonobos’ stretch jeans, running everyday errands in TravisMathew’s Legacy jeans, and etc. In addition, we also considered jeans tested and recommended by a panel of style experts we’ve interviewed.

Read more: Learn How Men's Health Tests Products

To get a feel for how these jeans for men really felt and how they held up, we vetted our options by taking notes of their fit, comfort, wash, inseam, price point, versatility, and performance such as stretch, moisture-wicking, and breathability. We examined whether they fitted well and true to size, whether their fabric could withstand hours of movement in different temperatures, and whether they could be worn for more than one occasion. Our testers also include a diverse range of body types to help us ensure an unbiased result for selecting the best jeans for men.

In addition, our tested selection focuses not on trendy or trend-chasing jeans; instead, our picks of the best jeans for men all fit great athletic guys with big quads, provide great value and performance at reasonable price points, and come in styles that will look great years from now. This article was updated in August 2023.

Maverick Li is the Style & Commerce Editor of Men’s Health, where he covers clothing, footwear, watches, and grooming. He was previously the Assistant Commerce Editor at Esquire.

Christian Gollayan oversees e-commerce content for Men's Health and Women's Health. Previously, he was the Associate Managing Editor at Christian's work has also been featured in Food & Wine, InStyle, the New York Post, and Tatler Asia.

Ted Stafford is the Fashion Director of Men’s Health. He oversees all style and fashion content for the brand, and also styles their fashion stories. His active lifestyle informs his passion for translating great designs into real-life style, a favorite part of his job. Prior to joining Men’s Health he worked at GQ magazine and Calvin Klein

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