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Go monochromatic this wedding season

Nov 10, 2023

On the most auspicious day, brides these days are steered towards beige, soft pinks, and ivory, the new wedding season shades. And this season’s colour palettes are inherently monochromatic.

Published: 31st August 2023 09:41 AM | Last Updated: 31st August 2023 09:51 AM | A+A A-

This wedding season’s colour palettes are inherently monochromatic. (Photo | Express)

HYDERABAD: As many couples tie the knot this wedding season and begin on an eternal journey of togetherness, fashion houses are preparing a diverse range of new attire with an intriguing shift in colour preferences. Let’s take a look at some new trends

With the passage of time, modern couples’ choices have evolved from conventional reds, maroons, pinks and greens to pastel colours such as ivory, beige, and nude tones, which can express their personalities. Nuptials are heavily influenced by social media with celebrities endorsing clothing and pushing new-age brides/grooms to recognise their interests and arrange their nuptials according to their aspirations, including attire, location, and colour theme. Though the culture is still perpetuated in India through sarees, lehengas, dhotis and sherwanis, contemporary brides and grooms are opting for modern styles with an Indian twist. Capes, double dupattas, long veils, corset tops for brides and embroidered blazers, bandhgalas, sherwanis with organza or silk dupattas, ivory silk kurtas and dhotis for grooms contribute to the trend.

On the most auspicious day, brides these days are steered towards beige, soft pinks, and ivory, the new wedding season shades. And this season’s colour palettes are inherently monochromatic. The core of the outfit is often in shades of ivory or blush pink, with additional colours introduced through embroidered details. As for grooms, they mostly prefer monotone, with white, ivory, blush pink, emerald green, navy blue, and mustard yellow. Certain aspects, like location, lighting, décor, and jewels, have a significant impact on colour choice. The complexity of the wedding ceremony also plays a role; the more activities in a wedding ceremony, the more elements impact the spouses’ colour preferences. For instance, brides love pastel greens and oranges for events like mehendi.

Along with hues, this season introduces several design variations. Patterned corset dresses, embroidered shararas, minimally embroidered ensembles, lehengas with long capes, open jacket sherwanis, open placket kurtas with minimal embroidery, simple floral printed kurtas and mirror or sequin embroidered kurtas are attracting modern brides and grooms. While couples might desire to recreate their wedding attire for future occasions, a more sustainable choice would involve opting for organic fabrics and natural dyes, combined with reduced embroidery—a shift towards sustainable couture.

Fashion designer Raaga Reddy highlights the colour trends for bridal gowns in India this season. The palette includes white, blush pink, lavender, beige, sage green, baby yellow, and various pastels, along with a sprinkle of English colours. A notable departure from cultural norms is the inclusion of white or ivory shades, and few brides are daring to experiment with neon as well.

The wedding wardrobe choices have expanded to include capes, corset blouses, pantsuits, chantilly lace dresses, ruffle skirts, pre-draped sarees, sherwanis with dhotis, cocktail blazers and embroidered shirts, each reflecting the evolving tastes of the contemporary bride and groom.”Choose a comforting outfit that speaks to you, incorporating unique colours like wines, blues, dark purples, Rani pink, gold, and orange. Pair it with a classy and sexy pattern like Kanjeevaram sarees, corset blouses, and lehengas. The more drama, the more the couple stands out,” she said.

“Weddings are dreamy, with classic colours like vermillion red, ivory, antique gold, and Rani pink reigning. India is versatile in drapes and embroidery, with monochromatic gold and silver embroidery for standout ensembles. Geometric patterns for cocktails and sangeets add beauty to the event,” says designer Archana Puneeth.