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Silk Trousers Are The Fall 2023 Staple Bringing Trendy Fabrics To Workwear Silhouettes

Jun 18, 2023

While everyone awaits the season of holiday parties and formal events, there is still a way to bring the festive magic to your fall wardrobe: by incorporating silk clothing for a hint of sophistication and party fever. Silk is an automatically brilliant material that elevates all closets. Whether with a silk blouse or dress, there are plenty of ways to rock silk in your wardrobe. However, the fall 2023 season will be all about the pants.

Brands like Fendi recently showcased their best silk trouser combinations by shifting them into a casual cargo piece, per YouTube. However, since the fall season brings us more polished silhouettes, giving silk pants the workwear treatment is only fitting. Instead of leaving them baggy, silk trousers are getting more structured and put-together. Pair with looser items for a balanced look or other iconic workwear pieces for a cohesive look. Regardless of your preferences, silk trousers are a comfortable way of bringing some of that sophistication into your fall ensembles.

We already know that red is fall's "it" color, but what about the other gem colors? Hues like emerald green, yellow, and orange will also enter our fall wardrobes to add another layer of richness. These saturated, bold colors are beautiful in their own right, and with the shine of silk, you can get an extra glimmer. These tones are perfect match-ups for silk since the material will bring brightness and make them glisten with each step.

Pairing your silk trousers can be tricky since it's a lightweight and airy fabric. However, the most effortless styling trick calls for including it in a monochrome outfit. Not only is a solid-color ensemble an easy way of putting together any 'fit, but it will also help create some texture disparity. Silk trousers styled against heavier fabrics like knit or wool can help create a balanced and chic contrast.

The "Barbie" movie may be out already, but there's no stopping the Barbiecore trend. With this pink hue, you can bring a feminine touch to your workwear-inspired pieces that combine this color with a masculine design. Pink is still set to infiltrate our wardrobes in the fall, making this a prime element to bring a pop of color to a sea of neutral, as seen on the runway during the Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2022 show.

Not long ago, the dopamine dressing trend was everywhere. Bring this same energy into the fall season with the help of fun, printed silk trousers that turn workwear into resort wear. Printed silk trousers are often found in the summer since they're lightweight and comfortable, but you can still wear them in fall to add some sophistication to your maximalist wardrobe.

Trousers are a clever way of dressing up your wardrobe year-round. It's typical to find them in a cotton or linen fabric in the summer since they're airy and breathable. However, silk trousers will give your ensemble a dressed-up feature that will highlight the rest of your look for the fall season. Stick to neutral hues to blend these pieces seamlessly into your fall rotations. The silk will elevate your outfit, and the neutral color gives you a modern and elegant vibe that's perfect for a day at the office.